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Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing art that opens up energy channels or meridians through which life force flows.

It is a perfect combination of rhythmic pressure, yoga stretches and gentle torsions that provide muscle relaxation and stress release, thereby, improving lymphatic circulation, reactivating the metabolism and increasing the range of motion.

My massage is performed on a firm flat mattress on the floor over clothing.

The therapy manipulates ten major Sen meridians by pressing points along the energy lines. This massage renews our natural capacity for self regulation re-establishing the body's balance, harmony and health.

It is particularly indicated to relieve headaches, back and neck pain, soft tissue injuries as well as other symptoms such as stress,
general fatigue or insomnia.

The Treatment Room:

Treatment Room
Treatment Room
Treatment Room 3

Foot Massage:

Foot Massage


New Premises
Due to the popularity of Sanae Traditional Thai Massage we are proud to announce the relocation of our business to the First Floor Beauty Rooms, above Coconuts Hair studio, 107 Perry Street, Billericay, Essex. We are anticipating our ... read more
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Mothers Day
Facial Massage

Facial Massage:

Fascial Massage
Fascial Massage

Deep Oil Massage:

Deep Oil Massage